Thursday 8.6.17

Today we had another spectacular trip, coming quickly into the area with a solitary humpback whale. As we approached the whale, it was incredibly surface active, breaching many times, visible from a distance. When we reached a closer distance, our humpback cooled on the acrobatics and took up a direct northern travel direction. We spent… Continue reading Thursday 8.6.17

Wednesday 7.6.17

Today we were treated to a social pair of humpbacks, traveling northward together at a relaxed pace. One of the pair was distinctly smaller than the other, leading us to speculate that this could be a mum and yearling calf nearing the end of their time so closely bonded. This is just speculation but would… Continue reading Wednesday 7.6.17

Saturday 3.6.17

  Sadly no humpback whales were spotted today. As we are still very early in our season, travel is much more sporadic and whale traffic will only increase from here into the rest of our season. ┬áDespite our unfortunate lack of humpbacks, we did get to tons of bottlenose dolphins, a hammerhead shark, and even… Continue reading Saturday 3.6.17