Thursday 8.6.17

Today we had another spectacular trip, coming quickly into the area with a solitary humpback whale. As we approached the whale, it was incredibly surface active, breaching many times, visible from a distance. When we reached a closer distance, our humpback cooled on the acrobatics and took up a direct northern travel direction.

We spent most of our trip traveling with this whale, and were treated to many great looks thanks to its short sub-surface travel times. Every four minutes or so our passengers got to catch some lovely views of the famous “hump back” which in this particular whale was mostly white! A rare sight indeed as most humpback whales are typically black on their backs and white on their underside, or ventral side. This unique pigmentation pattern was certainly a lovely view for our guests and was only enhanced when our whale was joined by a pod of common pacific dolphins. Another day with show stopping odontocetes!

Couldn’t have asked for better conditions, once again. In addition to our two marine mammal species, we also saw an interesting little crab floating at the surface– the third such sighting in two days!



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