Wednesday 7.6.17

Today we were treated to a social pair of humpbacks, traveling northward together at a relaxed pace. One of the pair was distinctly smaller than the other, leading us to speculate that this could be a mum and yearling calf nearing the end of their time so closely bonded. This is just speculation but would definitely be fun to see such a pair come full circle from one season to the next. one of the whales also had considerably more white pigmentation, making it easy to distinguish between the two!

One of the two whales repeatedly tail breached and tail slapped, showing off the powerful caudal peduncle muscle located in the five meter long tail stock. We spotted many cheeky bottlenose dolphins that came quite close to the whales, even surfacing together a few times. The little toothed whales happily rode along on our bow waves, checking out the passengers on our bow and out the windows. Another cracker day on the water!

One other quirky sighting we had today was two separate crabs floating at the surface at two different stages of our trip- what fun!


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