Welcome Whales of 2017!

Happy Humpday! What a fantastic start we had to our 2017 whale watching season! Today marked our first whale adventure of 2017 which was, by all accounts, a fabulous success. The light breeze out of the southwest, calm water, and incredible sunshine made for truly perfect whale watching conditions.

Over the course of our trip we migrated northward along the coast of South Stradbroke with a juvenile humpback whale. The young cetacean surfaced often, every two minutes or so, treating our guests to a wonderful number of opportunities to see its blow, dorsal fin, and fluke. This particular individual had a scoop missing from the trailing edge of its right fluke- a very distinct whale tail, indeed!

We were joined intermittently by several separate pods of playful bottlenose dolphins. These lovely little odontecets, or toothed whales, came and went as they pleased and were equally exciting each time they graced us with their presence.
Our final sighting of the day was perhaps the highlight of the trip. With our vessel floating out of gear we were “mugged” by our little subadult humpback and a whole pod of dolphins. Everyone on board got a faceful of whale breath and some unforgettable memories. And on that note, bring on the whales of 2017! We can’t wait for more!


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